Customized solutions of international logistics.


About Us

LOG SHIPPING is worldwide integrated into a cargo agents network, especialized in sea, aerial and ground transportation. Located in Mendoza Argentina, providing services to the entire region of Cuyo and the rest of the country.

Conformed by suitable profesionals in the field, with a vast trajectory, whose success is grounded in the core of the correct business behavior.

Providing an innovating service into the market by a customized atention, adapting and redesigning our products and services to fit every need, maximizing the benefit and the satisfaction for every specific case.

Our Services

We work constantly to understand the needs in order to anticipate them with fitted solutions to every requirements from our customers. We keep developing a global vision without losing focus in our main reason of being.

Sea services

Our company has agreements with the most important sea lines, national and international, which allow us to offer competitives rates.

  • FCL – Complete Containers for dry and perishable cargo.
  • LCL – Partitioned Cargo.
  • Door to door services. Cargo status tracking throughout every stage of the logistic chain by our specially developed systems.
  • Liquid Bulk Cargo – Flexitanks.
  • Dangerous Cargo (IMO).
  • Extra Large Cargo (FR/OT), Packing List Verification, making and/or control of packing, cargo arrangement, etc.

Land services

We provide land services fitted to every customer need.

  • National and international service, for imported and exported cargo.
  • Consolidated cargo (LTL).
  • Availability of semis, siders, vans, thermo trucks, Genset equipment and flat trailers.
  • Cargo arrangement.
  • ATA service throughout the country.
  • Dangerous Cargo Transportation (IMO).
  • Satellite and mobile phone tracking throughout the course.

Aerial services

Our team has a long experience in international aerial experience.

  • Direct boarding.
  • Consolidated cargo.
  • Part and Full Charter.
  • Transport inside the country.
  • Door to door service.
  • Dangerous Cargo (IMO).
  • Fairs and Exhibitions logistics.
  • Air cargo consolidation service.

Integral Logistic

LOG SHIPPING offers to its customers integral logistics services.

  • Cargo arrangement.
  • Comprehensive customs solutions.
  • Wide range in insurances.
  • Storage and stocktaking management.
  • Logistic in house.
  • Labeling, packaging and crating.
  • Tanks for goods storage.
  • Container consolidation.
  • Custom house services.
  • Merchandise insurance.


Our company offers differents types of policies to adjust the customer needs in any type of service, aerial, land or sea.

Agents Network

LOG SHIPPING has a wide agents network which allow the company reach virtually every place in the world.